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November 23, 2009


I've always had luck finding the "BIG BALLS" at BIG LOTS. :)

have to tell you, after 3 boys i had a daughter, and her very best friend was born because my first son's best friend saw my third baby and said HIS mom was going to get HIM one of those babys!!!!

Loved, loved, loved your pics Denise! So stinkin cute! All the way from the set up to the beautiful smiles! ANd your story is hilarious...kids say such funny things :) Awesome, really!

Don't kids just say the darndest things. Can you just imagine the thought of you and Gabe strolling the streets looking for a little brother. It makes me laugh. That's way I love kids - funny thoughts and brutal honesty. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE your last photo.

I have to share my decorating story...When my ex husband was only my boyfriend..(lol, long story) was trying to kiss my let's say..fanny. He decorated my entire front yard...pumpkins, corn stalks, hay and gords. It was gorgeous!!! I drove right by my house because I didn't reconize it!!! It was really funny at the time. Anyways...post a picture of your door! I am not good at decorating and could use some tips....oh, by the way..I'm back :)

BTW...down the road there is this super cool old double decker red London bus, that is straight out of the 60's w/ the flowers on the side and all..it's kinda rusty..which adds a bit of coolness and it's in an old farm field.....I so want to jump the fence and take a few picturs around it...how cool would that be?? Im not that brave though.....would be a cool picutre though!!??

Heeerrrrrrrrrrrrddddddd that!!! (I felt like Wanda from In Living Color when I typed that.......lol..remember her??) My kids asked a similar question and I said "sorry guys, no more babies in this house"....

I am ready to move on to the next stage of life, with no diapers and maybe even movie theatres and restaurants that we can all go to as a family and dont have to worry about my son chucking a 5 lb. olive garden fork at the old couple sitting at the table next to us.....uuummmhuummm...really happenend.

Love, love, love all the photos...and Gabe's little convo has me chuckling....sounds like a similar convo Ana had with me a few days ago :)

I'm sure my son would be happy to give Gabe his brother! LOL

Looking forward to the Platinum items! My daughter and I were at Riley in Indianapolis with our matching cocoa ruffles, and got plenty of compliments! I was happy to give out all the info on where they could be found! :)

I love the pics you post! I have always been "matchy matchy" with my daughter's clothing, but you are helping me to step out of my box!

Happy Thanksgiving! I will be stalking the Platinum! LOL

I love what Gabe said, that is priceless! And I cannot wait to see what you have in store for platinum, I was one of the lucky ones to score the owl peasant and it's gorgeous and sooo twirly! Sophie LOVES it.

I love what Gabe said, that is priceless! And I cannot wait to see what you have in store for platinum, I was one of the lucky ones to score the owl peasant and it's gorgeous and sooo twirly! Sophie LOVES it.

Cute photos!!!

LOVE the bus--we need a picture of your front door~ :O)
(always looking for new ideas and i love to copy! LOL)

That school bus was a great find!!! Not to mention the super stunning children! Mix that up with a great photographer... pure awesomeness!!!!

Your Gabe is a doll!!!!!

your pics are fantabulous! and gabe is too funny!

"Completely Precious" photos. Have a great time we your family on Thanksgiving.

Your pictures are great you are so creative! As for those Gabe ramblings - keep them coming... they are adorable and they put a smile on my face every time I read them.

What fun pictures!!

Oh, the ramblings are the best part! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
(Got my Sparkletown this week and, ohmyheart! I love it!!! But I would expect nothing less!)

I guess that the good thing about living on a farm. Kids learn fast where babies come from.. Sometimes it does become hard to explain the breeding... lol
I do love the ??? the kids ask. :)
The pictures are great!

Oh goodness! That little convo between you and Gabe was precious.
Our kid's think babies come from Target. LOL
Well....everything fun and good comes from Target, right?

Gabe has really been thinking about things. That is a wonderful story for your book and it is so good that you are writing these down to remember and share with him later.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Matilda Jane Clothing.

Love it all....your creative mind never stops.....Keep it coming

Gorgeous images!! I miss Gabe, he's getting so big and smart. Another DeMarchis collaboration would be nice... but Thursday, I think you should get a girl.

oh the stories and questions of little kids!! They are so precious!! How about a little sister?? ;) Ha ;)

as always pics and clothes are great!!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

fabulous as always!

That Gabe is a hoot!!!! I was cracking up reading your entry. Love the pics...they remind me of the JCrew ads! You just let me know if you ever need a little extra practice with that sweet camera of yours.:) I've got 3 little ones you can practice on. LOL How do you find time to be good at so many things...decorating, designing clothes, taking pictures, blogging, being a great Mom....and the list goes on!?! Anyway, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

i will add this to a 'favorite' blog! thanks for keeping the little hearts pitter-pattering!

Oh my! Out of the mouths of babes.....too funny!! Looking forward to Platinum! Nice pics too. I wish I was good at setting it up and taking it.

Oh, can't wait for the Platinum stuff either! Seriously, I must be the luckiest person on earth because I wasn't stalking your blog and happened to turn on the computer and check the blog right when you posted a new entry. Holly and I just got back from a birthday party!Fun times!!!

You are so cute with your photo LOVE~!

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