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November 21, 2009


Hey Denise! I'd love to help with whatever your plans include! My son, Avery (6), has a port wine stain on his face. Children aways point and ask how he got his ouchie and it just breaks my heart. The worst is from adults. Avery knows that his "angel kisses" are just one of the ways he is special. He was telling me about a little girl he saw the other day that only had one hand and how that made her special. I am so proud of Avery! Please let me know what we can do. Thanks!
From one of your own FW TKs!

Does the child have to be from the Fort Wayne area?? My daughter Olivia's arm looks just like Joe's, and she is a fiery little thing - so special, and never ceases to amaze us!! If she can somehow help your secret cause, plese let me know, as we would love to be involved!

I live just a few miles south of town and would love to help!!!

I hear ya... folding the reflector is harder than actually using it!

Ahhhh...I wish we lived closer! I've got all the quirk you need in one little package...and pretty darn proud of it...although be it frustrated sometimes!

Are you kidding me! I live just outside of FW and so does one of my bf's!! What's up and what do you need???

Can not wait to see the new project..Good Luck!~

That's so awesome that your doing this, every child is different and that should be celebrated not looked upon as "different". I am finishing my degree in Special Edcuation and work as a special ed aide and I think it's so important to tell those kids how great they are everyday and why they should be celebrated, believe it or not, they might not hear it from anyone else, even at home sadly. It's so good for them to know that there are so many other people out there that are just like them!!! :)

Just wanted to say I love the new blog header! Fun, funky, festive, perfect!

You are the 'reflector queen'! What a fabulous day with you... as usual. Can't wait for the Top Secret project to unfold!

Denise, hope that is a few Joey Bags that I see in those pictures, our little ones use their Joey bags every day. Camilla carries hers as a purse, Kellee uses hers as a diaper bag, very cute. I would love to get a size 2 of the "what a hoot" owl ruffles for my little Kellee. They are just adorable! Love the little girl with the blonde hair it that black dress.

How stunning is Kylee...what a gorgeous young lass :)

Your post has me very intrigued! Hope you'll share more soon!! Hmmm maybe Clay can get a transfer to Ft Wayne???lol

Best of luck to our Matilda Jane TOP SECRET AGENT on her NEW Project ... Have fun everyone!

Love that Kylee! Isabella's still making tissue paper doll clothing like Kylee taught her. She's beautiful just like her momma.

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