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November 28, 2009


Well darn, I was in the Big Apple for 5 days and promised myself I would not touch a computer and I didn't. I'm so disappointed that I missed the sale!!! Oh well, guess it was not meant to be. Thanks anyway.

I can only say one thing. I wish more people would just purchase clothing from Matilda Jane and keep buying them in larger sizes. I have an 11 year old and she and I both love Matilda Jane. I know all of the classy ladies that are of another generation do also. They always stop to comment how little girls should look.

We love the dottie dress! It seems like my little one is wearing it whenever I take pictures for my blog! I swear, she does have other things to wear! lol

Our Target was Craaaaazy! Well, at 6:30 am it was crazy. When I noticed that the line for the registers was all the way in the back by mens and you had to make a full loop around the store...I was outta there! lol
Instead of toy and clothes shopping I actually got great deals on decorations for my home. Yay!

Thanks for creating such wonderfully fun and darling clothes for our girl's!

Thank you for the wonderful on-line sale yesterday. I was one that tried at midnight when the cart came up briefly and did post, but simply to say that it didn't appear to be working for me. That said, I wasn't sure if the sale was really meant to start at midnight or not, but didn't want to miss out if it did! I truly believe the best you can do and try to make things as fair as possible for everyone. As you say, there is so much behind the scenes stuff that if you have never been there, you just don't know about. I think that is true with many professions. It can be easy to stand back and complain, but until you really know EVERYTHING that it takes to make something happen, you really should be nice : ) I think you do a wonderful job. I mean, anyone that is as busy as you are that still takes the time to PERSONALLY answer e-mails from customers gets serious kudos from me!!! Keep you chin high. You provide BEAUTIFUL clothing and do a WONDERFUL job. Thank you for all that you do!!!

um...it is SO not fair that your house sleeps in until 10. Mine cannot make it past 6:30 any day of the week...never have...clearly it will change when we hit teenage-ville...or maybe it won't. I dunno.


Dottie is my #1 favorite from Gypsy Blue. I adore it. Wonder what it would look like with the Willow cardigan. Hmmmmm. Interesting;)

wait?! you shopped for YOURSELF? hows that work? hehehe Mommy walks around in pajama pants and the girls are dressed to the 9s in Matilda Jane I thought thats how life was supposed to be? :)

Yes, THANK YOU for keeping little girls looking like little girls!

Yes, that is the whole point of MJ, huh?? To have little girls stay looking that way and not looking like 25 yr olds. Awesome! I must say I got my holiday knot dress and other things today and I soooo cant wait for summer, cause that dress would look great w/ some sandles and that's it..right??! My daughter is skinny as a noodle, so I have to exchange some of her pants for a smaller size...shes 4, and even some of her size 2's fall off of her hips...she has a pancake bottom...flat. lol. Anyhoo....thanks for keeping the dottie dress, even though they are gone in my little girls size, it was on my list....it's the sweetest little dress ever!!

I was stopped yesterday by an older lady who commented on how nice it was to see a little girl in a dress and tights instead of pants for a change. Anna was wearing Maggie Stew and Neopolitan tights and looked fantastic, if I do say so. :)

Wow, love all the photos!! You are giving me ideas for our Anna top. I snuck out of the house ALONE last night and it was heavenly. I hope you find some great things for yourself and enjoy the time.

Good Morning Denise, Whatever happened to shopping for us moms? When I want something new I go to my 13 year olds closet and find something she doesn't like anymore...that is my shopping. I agree with letting little girls look like little girls! Another reason I love Matilda Jane. I also think that is one of the reasons I get so many compliments on Natalie's clothes when we are out...she looks like a little girl! Not like a mini Brittney Spears! Today we are going to see The Christmas Story display in the next town over. Can't wait!!! She is of course wearing MJ and will be getting her picture taken with the mean elves and sliding down into a pile of fake snow!!! Have a great day!!

Can not wait to see the pictures and the cute dress.
Came back from Target yesterday as well, and it wasn't crowded either. Was also able to snag the portable dvd player from a fill in cart that was a doorbuster :)

Does your husband lurk outside the store, pacing back & forth. Telling you through the door....you don't need it? Not even looking at your looking at. :)

Nice quiet shopping on your own.

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