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December 26, 2009


Awww that's what we call my oldest daughter!! Though we spell it Kay Kay ;)

Hope you all had a great Christmas...We had snow here in England, so my dreams came true...we had snow for like a week!!! Awesome. Also, my mom who got charges on her card from the whole time horton thing has gotten half of her money back...it's her darn bank i think...they are really being slow about this...anyhoo..thank you Denise and David for working so hard on getting it all fixed..I know you guys did everything you could and it's not your faults at all...so, thanks again for getting on it so quickly. Hope your new year is as great as Christmas was....my kids now offically say "Father Christmas"...instead of Santa..(it's a whole England thing), but really cute though...so I keep forgetting and keep getting reminded...I should just tape a sign on my back that says...."oh yeah..????" you know that look you get on your face when someone tells you what a phrase means in another country, but you really don't get it...or it's really not all that funny.., it's just a different sense of humor from place to place, I guess....lol...sorry,,..anyway...it's late and im getting giggly...so that's my que!! :)

Love the name, my daughter is named Kay Kay!
We love your clothes, keep up the awesome work!

The new fabrics look AWESOME... I LOVE the pics of the boys in their uber-cool pj's, the bambi deer, the santa gnome, and of course your paper-doll soon-to-be outfits!! I also think you should name a dress "CRUSH"!! And, oh (!), what a very cool gift from David - how thoughtful!!!!

My mom calls my little Kellee "KK"--I can't wait to see the dress! :)

Oh, gosh, that is too cute! Love the name...sounds like a sweet little girl. :o)

Sometimes you just need to get gifts that you really want yourself. I say just get the painting for yourself next year. This year my hubby thought he would suprise me with the coffee maker I wanted. The super cool one that holds a whole bag of beans and you just hit a button for how many cups to make. I've been waiting on my almost broken coffee maker to break for a long time to upgrade. So what does he do. Gets me the same one I already have just in stainless steel. He said the other one was like 60 dollars more. Ummm yea I know. So I sent him back for the one I wanted. He was a little offended but seriously. He's really into tools. So I told him how would you feel if I went to Lowes to get you a specific saw you wanted and found one that was cheaper, but didn't do nearly as much. He would take it back right... Men just don't get it sometimes. Anyway it was sweet of him since it was in addition to all the gifts I already got myself from him. But if your gonna do something do it right is what I say... I think I'm a little spoiled...:)

When I was younger my nickname from my distant cousins was KayKay...they still call me that when they see me...bleh...never suited me, lol

Glad your Christmas was wonderful, we all have so much to be thankful for this year.

It's so much fun watching our little ones open their gifts and their expressions.
My little one would just stop to play with her present and didn't realize, no there's more!

Can not wait to see the next line and to see who was named KK.
Happy Holidays! Lots of snow here!

Beautiful boys!

I just have to say thanks because you are always talking about Anthropologie and I have never been there. Well today I went shopping in L.A. and they had such adorable stuff on sale! I bought a very cute red top. I can't believe I actually shopped just for myself today and not Holly!

um...I hope KK appreciates what an honor is being bestowed upon her :O) LOVE your boys so much...too cute for words- seeing them always makes me smile!
Have an incredible new year!
Much love!

Glad you had a great Christmas Denise! Us too!
Here's to the New Year!

Very cute : ) cant wait to see it!

So glad you had a sweet Christmas! I agree that blog books are awesome, what a wonderful gift! Love the pic of the boys & the Christmas tree, so festive & captures a sweet feeling.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year & I can't wait to meet KK...bet she will be super sweet!

Denise, I hope you, David, Joe & Gabe had a wonderful Christmas!!!
I am still in awe that you sent Mattie a new pair of Midnight ruffles when she had the unfortunate mishap with her gum!!! I cannot stop telling people the story! You're so awesome and Mattie and I really really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness!

That is the first name ava gave any of her "dollies"! it a super cute stuffed koala bear- and she still plays with it and sleeps with it!

can't wait to meet "kk" as well!

Awesome, can't wait to "meet" KK.

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