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December 27, 2009


Good post. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for this entry.


Denise: I want a MJC book! In fact, you need to make it available for Canterbury families! Want to have one at the spring bookfair for people to order? Just a thought...

BTW, my 45 posts about the book I got you for Christmas didn't scare you, did they? (I can hear you now, "Quit posting, for the love of GOD!!!"

Would LOVE one of those books too!!!!

BTW if you like Bon Jovi-check him and the band out on Inside the Actor's Studio - great interview and John Bon Jovi just gets better with age...ahhh swoon ;)

Love the pics. Thank you for sharing your family. I hope one day to be as good a photographer as you have become.

Looks as if a wonderful Christmas was had by all. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2010.

Would you mind sharing what company your husband used to produce the Blog books? I have been wanting to do that, but unsure of which company to use. Did he say it was a simple process?

Your boys are just little cutie pies, both of them.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

what a great collection!!

so the most used MJ item in the house in the past few weeks.....


The MJC travel mug. My husband discovered it and will NOT give it up. Around the house, in the car- he even brings it to work. He got one of those keurig coffee systems that take those cute little k-cups- and the MJC travel mug is the PERFECT size.


I love the pic of gabe with the binoculars using them backwards. My daughter always looks through binoculars backwards too. What is it with looking through the wrong end of things and always putting sunglasses on upside down??

Yup, we got the Star Wars Lego one too...who could resist it! But for real, Bon Jovi is a pretty darn good read

Wow, that MJ book looks great.
If you love Legos and Star Wars (which I know you do), you must get the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary. My son LOVES it! Hasn't put it down since Christmas day.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Janette P.

The MJ book looks amazing. I love books too but then again I teach reading. :)

My kids got the Shel Shilverstein books for Christmas, well 2 of them anyway. I LOVE reading it to them already. Well I hear screaming...

You could make a butt load of moola if you sold those books to us! ;) I think we would all love one of those.

Happy New Year!!

That adorable boy with his little patty in his pocket... just wanna squish him a little! And mini-figures are my favorite part of Legos.

Oh the book looks gorgeous. I am always searching on line for pictures of MJ. Looking at other photographers work, seeing the images they create. A book would be wonderful.
Hmmmmmm publishing.

I have such a collection of books and sometimes I feel I need to part with some, to make room but I just can not do it.

I love collecting the nostalgic pieces.

my favorite things...books...ah, yes...D.E.A.R....Drop Everything and Read, n'st pas?

I would totally buy or earn or bid for one of those MJC books too! I've saved every catalogue and they were so beautiful. So are you!

p.s. Gabe is adorable as always! Love his little toy collection...reminds me of my little ones! :)
nicole k.

Oh Denise,
I LOVE that Matilda Jane Book!!! I want one!!! :) Those lucky Team Leaders! :)
Merry Christmas!
Nicole k.

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