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December 17, 2009


I use dots all the time... it's like a thinking pause... totally normal =).

My girls saw the picture of the cut-out dresses and said "Oh, Denise is playing with paper dolls again!!". Goofs!

I'm loving the swanky digs. Thanks for sharing and enjoy. Safe travels, too, of course!

Love all the sneak peaks. I am sure it will all be fabulous as always. Enjoy you adventure. I Love Lucy and Dots!!!!

You really don't want to know what all my dots usually mean.. lol

I have to say I like the tank dress to but I spy a joey bag on that lucy bed that I REALLLYYYY like.
How would Santa put in an order for one of those???
Have fun and buy some dotty washclothes to go with all your dots and the dots on those paper doll samples of MJ to be.....
I am looking at.. 8-)

I had no idea you were in Lima! My in-laws were missionaries there for a few years not that long ago. They had some crazy stories to share!! Have fun :)

lucccccccyyyyy.....im hoooo-ooomE!

Love the new sneak peeks! Delighted with the tank dresses. By the way, if you need a translator next time you go to Peru, let me know. :) Fully bilingual here!

just remember that tile is much cleaner than ANY carpet!!! enjoy!

yippee tank dresses! now can we have that same shot in color!

PS does that sign on say "delicious" turkish bath? LOL

the wash cloth thing, i have been to peru and noticed the same thing. i was told it is because people use wash cloths in places that you would make you never want to use the wash cloth again. make sense doesn't it. bring your own and rest easy that it is clean.

I'm so happy you finally saw 500 days of Summer, Boss! The soundtrack is to die for. I'll burn it for you, ASAP. Oh, and have fun and be safe :)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the tank dresses! Don't roll outta your tiny bed onto that cold, tile floor (ouch)! better put a pillow down, do they give you those or just blankets (like the washcloth thing) heehee

Big fan of the ..... dots myself. :)
I cannot wait to see what spring has to offer!

Glad you're safe and sound. Cute paper doll clothes!!
Take care.

So funny! I LOVE the tank dresses! :) Have a great trip!

Oh that brought a small chuckle from me this morning! So excited to see what Spring brings us:)

I am sorry but LOL. Have a great time despite your itty little beds hehe.

I love the flower with polka dot fabric! Your story is so funny and definitely brightened my evening...

Looking forward to seeing all of the wonder spring goodies!

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