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December 21, 2009


All I have to say is "FEET"! SO cute :)
Happy Holidays to your family and your MJ family.

Oh my, I have a beautiful niece who would look lovely in one of your dresses. She wears an adult size large.

Happy Christmas to you and yours,

I love seeing Grace and Erina on the blog!
I am blown away by your generosity.... MJC is one awesome company!!!

Gorgeous pictures!!! I think I missed the deadline...shoot! Hustle & Bustle of the Holidays, I tell ya! I know a little girl very deserving of some MJ. She's been an absolute ANGEL about the trips to Cleveland & back to treat her daddy's cancer.

Monika's girls are dolls!!! I wish I could get a good one of MY 2 in MJ! :0)

Just wanted to add... you are an angel and so is Sam =). Thank you for being YOU!

My sweet Chasey just turned FIVE on Saturday!! Her dad and I got divorced 2 years ago and the holidays and her birthday are hard! We try to make it all "normal" for her, but it's just not the same. She is SO great though and knows she is loved....she is adorable and would love LOVE a new pretty dress!

Oh shoot...is it too late?

Just a quick thank you to all of the wonderful gals at MJC...I know 2 girls who will be so delighted to be rockin some new MJ in a few days :)!!

My friend will be so excited to receive such a special treat! Thanks so much for being so generous at the holiday times as well as throughout the year!

I emailed sam with my nominee- hope she gets picked :)

I just sent my email to Sam for my request of my friend...whom I so hope WINS the dress~ please pick Cassie Winkler~

Great pictures. As Gabe and Joe grow you will always be able to recall the special moments that were captured by Betsy (and you) in pictures. My family was far from rich by some standards as I grew up but my mama so enjoyed pictures and we all appreciate those pictures today. Thank you again for your wonderful generous spirit, the heart of Christmas.
Merry Christmas to each of you

You are the sweetest person! Always so giving!!! I love thinking of people who are in need of cheer. I know just the person who needs cheering up right now and she isn't a little girl, she is a big girl (or should I say woman)!

Awww, look how little your boys were.... sniffles, they do grow fast.

I'm sure glad you went to that party and met Betsy. Thanks to you, I found her blog and I follow it like a religion. I'm so excited for dear Betsy expecting her second birdie =)!!!!

And lastly, thank you for sharing my girlies. They love seeing themselves on here... you make them feel very special ;-). And yes, me too!

Love those pics of the boys!

I have pics of the littles with Santa-every year its the same thing...Brae has a deer in the headlights look and Ana...well, Ana is just screaming her head off - our typical Santa pic. Every year I think it'll finally be both of them smiling...hmmm, maybe next year.

This post is full of people I love and have never even met... how can that be? You and your cute monkeys, Monika and her adorable little chickens, and Betsy (can't forget her darling Miles too). {SIGH} So much talent. So many good peops in this world. You and Monika both have a way of telling wonderful stories with your photos. Thanks for posting them! xoxo

I Just Love Your Blog!! Your Boys Are Sooo Cute! Happy Holidays!! XoOXoOXOoOX

Well hello there! Wow, I'm on your blog! Awwwww, that shoot was so much fun! You trusted me wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when I was just starting. Bless you!!!! I remember meeting you at Erin's party, that was a fun night. Oh those boys are so sweet! I remember how much I was in heaven with your awesome bedroom with the huge bed and tons of light.

Merry Christmas Denise and to your boys as well!

I love the last picture of E&G...way to go Monika...keep the picture coming!

how sweet- my brain is a thinking of a good recipient....
did you get mey email btw?

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