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December 29, 2009


I live in Chattanooga TN the Choo Choo city where Little Debbie's are made. Little Debbie aLLLLLL Varieties ~ Rock. You otta get em off the line. You would die!

I also remember gas wars with gas at like a .10 ~ Those were the days.

Are you going to have another year end sale this year?? Everyone would love it if you did!! Just a suggestion!! Will it be a surprise??

seriously.....I had to go out and get some oatmeal pies!! I couldn't get them off my mind...soooo good!! You crack me up!!

My uncle use to be a driver for LD and is now with hostess- for my baby showers (and my wedding showers) he always LOADS me up with boxes of dingdongs LOL Seriously- like I need more temptation or weight on my rear LOL

But I also remember- in high school- there was a huge outcry when the lunchcarts stopped carrying LD snacks- EVERYONE bought them- and yup- they were only .25

thanks for the giggle and fond memories!

Hohos are the only way to go. ;o) http://www.hostesscakes.com/hohos.asp
My arc can attest to my love for these little delicious devils!
I remember when gas was 25 cents per gallon. Yup, I do. I really do. And I am a very young 42. LOL

oh don't get me started on ice cream- Thrifty's ice cream was and is the best- chocolate malted crunch. I remember when a scoop was 10 cents a cone (and I am only thirty-something- *GASP*)

Now THIS is a funny post!!! I am laughing!

Remember when you where able to get an ice cream cone for 59 cents. Now when you go to BR it's over $10 for 3 people and that includes a kid cone.

Okay, so I was in my car when I read this and I was laughing so hard that I am sure people around me thought I was CRAZEE! So random, yet so funny.

Hostes Rock!!!!! Much better than little debbie.

Dang it, now I want an oatmeal pie. Thanks Denise....thanks a lot!

nutty bars and oatmeal pies were the beezneez

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention....i'm a sucker for the little cakes...the little square white ones, that are sometimes Christmas trees, or whatever....but I honestly can't resist them...

I know right??!! I remember when I used to go through the McDonalds drive thru and spend like 3.50 on a mean...now it's like $7 or something...for the whole family, we drop like $30 at McDonalds....it's crazy.

They are best fresh out of the freezer! yummy!!!

Nutty Bars here too. Before children, Art would get us a pack to split when he went to the gas station. Now, I'm the only one who would eat them. Isabella won't eat peanut butter in any form, not even Reeses.

the little debbie swiss rolls beat the hostess ho ho's anyday!

Fudge Rounds. PERIOD.

I knew we all had love affairs with little debbie. I could eat the entire box and they were only . 99. Now I gotta go price them. But the Nutty Bars, oh my....I'm a cheap date

Bahahaha! This has to be one of my favorite posts! Love it & LOVE Debbie Cakes! :)

heehee...thanks for the chuckle....mmm Oatmeal Cream Pies...in High School my bff and I shared a box every week that we stashed in our locker...she'd buy the box one week and I'd buy the next...ahhh memories ;)
Thanks Denise!

I LOVE Little Debbies...Swiss Rolls are my fav!!! I like to peel off the outside layer of chocolate first :)

Is it strange that I've never had any of the things you're talking about??? And funny enough one of them is called Swiss roll and I don't know what it is, lol... I guess I should google!!

When I first met my husband in college, I ran across a grocery list he had at his apartment and at the top it said "Debbie Cakes"! LOL! I was like "What are Debbie cakes??" He was like - "you know, Little Debbies- they totally rock!". He still loves those things but I cant buy them b/c he will eat the whole box in one day, lol!
Fifty cents??? Hello inflation.

Hahaha, I love this random comment! Totally cracks me up...

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