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December 19, 2009


Thank you so much for posting about Elliana on your blog! The pic that they picked her from she wasnt even sporting gap she was sporting MJ =)
Thank you Thank you!!!
We are so thankful for all the support=)

Ha! I am laying here awake in bed waiting for sleep to come after drinking way too many cups of coffee tonight. (not smart of me)
Oh my word, I NEED that chair in those pics!!! Where can I get it??? I'm in LUUUVVVVVV! :)

Look at those gorgeous pictures. ADORABLE.
Hope you got to watch your Christmas movies :)

Oh how funny- the little girl on the tricycle is Lilly Kate!

Renee's daughter is so flippin cute!!! We are all so excited over on gf that she is a finalist!
Get home safely and happy holidays!

I keep singing the gap commercial song- this put it right back in my head- how cute are these boots? how cute are these boots?

how cute is this little girl! hope she wins!
and safe travels- hope the weather doesn't delay you- don't know where you are flying through?

Saying prayers for a safe flight home and some cozy Christmas movie nights too...may I suggest the Nicholas Cage movie, Family Man, right? LOVE that one...oh...and she got my vote! Pure sweetness!!

Have a wonderfully safe trip home! Good luck with the diet! :)

I absolutely love all of these pics you share! I am hoping that a local photographer who LOVES MJ will pick out my daughter's outfit before her pics, as I cannot possibly choose! I can honestly say that I could put her in nothing but MJ, and she would be the happiest little girl on the planet!

I love the names of these girlies! Eliana was in the running for our daughter's name when I was expecting. It means "My God has answered me". Appropriate, considering I had been praying fervently for a daughter after 2 sons. I got the daughter, but she ended up being a Whitley Kate, which has seemed to fit her personality. How exciting that she is a finalist in the casting call! Best of luck to her!

Enjoy the holidays! Thanks for all you do so that we can dress our little ones perfectly for Christmas!

And, oh, Lily Kate! I had the name Lily picked out since I was very young. I was SET on naming a daughter Lily. However, that changed when I married a "Fields". Put that one together!

Denise, thinking of you and Lynette and hoping you are on that plane by now. I am sure that both of your families are going to be excited to have you back home and good luck to Lynette on shopping.

Maybe I'm a little partial, but that sure is a cute girl on the bike. You should hear her sing! Oh, and I put in my vote!

OMG someone else is up late besides me! lol I was just coming on your blog to link to your website to check out a dress. I love all the pictures! Especially, the one with the lollipops...yum!!!

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