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December 30, 2009


That boys shirt is super cute! What about the striped tee underneath, where is that from? I'm always looking for cute boy things. Love the MJ girls & adult things! Awesome work.

Alzheimer's is so horrible. My grandma passed because of that. The first time we realized something was really wrong is when my grandpa dropped her off for a hair appt. and she decided she did want it and walked off. That was the worse 6 hours of my life. But luckily we had tons of family, friends and even some strangers driving the streets till she was found safe walking several miles away.
My mom who is almost 70 worries so much in the past 10 years that she will get Alzheimer's that she won't, can't enjoy life. I try to get her out of the house often and every once in the while I turn the girls loose on her and I think that makes her forget about her "ills".

Hoping the best for your Grandparents. Safe travels and Have a happy New Year.

Happy New Year. Praying traveling mercies over your family as you are on the road.

Thanks for the information on Blog2print, I will be checking that out for sure.

Help, Help, Help....I am looking for something MJ in the circus print. My DD is a size 2 in dress, and 4 in tops. My son's birthday is 8 weeks away and it is circus themed. Anyone have something they are willing to sell?

I was so excited today when I found a big box of Matilda Jane behind the recliner!! My husband put it there after it arrived while I was away. What a treat and surprise at the same time!! Thank you so much for your generosity.

my siblings are D's, too!
Diane, Debbie, Dan, Donna, David, me ...
well, then my little brother and sister are Kevin & Kim.
We are all together for Christmas at my Mom's.
Happy New Year!
btw.. dh's name is David, too.

Happy New Year!!!

Saying a prayer that all is going well with your Granddad. It is certainly great that all of your mom's children could be there. So sorry about your Grandmother, such a sad disease. Wishing safe travels to each of you and a Happy New Year to all!
Gran in NC

have a wonderful New Year's Denise!!!

& buy a BOX of little Debbie's...it's cheaper that way! LOL!

ok, Denise...so now you're just teasing us!! We KNOW the MJC book is all about beauty and we want it, want it, want it!!! I am pouting...

Cute shirt. Might have to get one for my little Jase. I can't believe he is almost 3. Hey Denise if you haven't heard of Morphs brand you should check it out. Pretty cute shirts for boys. And girls. They have vintage superhero shirts with arms made of tie dyed tube socks. And sock monkey shirts with arms made of the socks. They are adorable. My son got 2 for Christmas...

Nece i loved that song bruises what are you talking about i dont like your music, i just thought that one video was kinda reatarded lol.

My grandma is in the final stages of Alzheimer's as well. What a rotten disease. My heart goes out to her and your family. Have a happy new year, and I look forward to what 2010 brings to the MJ table!

Happy New Year

That little man is so cute!! Have fun with everyone and take a picture of all five of you (yes, that means you too).
Happy Happy 2010.

Happy New Year! Wishing all the best to your family, enjoy the moments that bring smiles to our faces:)

Safe & Happy New Year everyone!

so behind but loved the shots of Christmas and the boys.. :)
Have a Happy New Year
THanks for a great year.

Don't you love it when you bring your kids places where you used to play as a kid? I sure do... every summer in Switzerland, I bring them to my special hide-aways, let them swim in fountains that I used to swim in etc. And I LUV every minute of it!

Have a wonderful family celebration tomorrow!!

Happy New Year to you and your family Denise! I saw my family and my husband's family over the past week so we will most likely go out to dinner and then have a quiet evening at home playing board games and other such things.
All the best, Rachel and Holly

Have fun with your family on New Years - mine is all s p r e a d out (CT., Tx., Fl., Germany and Spain) but I will be making a lot of calls starting at 5pm my time :)

Wishing the best for your gpa's surgery and wishing you much more success with MJC in 2010!

Have a wonderful time celebrating New Year's with your family! It's so fun to have all of the kids get together...our kids love nothing more than spending time with their cousins! Now that sledding sounds fantastic...I am a bit jealous about that & wish we had some snow here!
I've used blog2print before & was very pleased! I agree, it is so cool to have everything in a book that you can hold it in your hands.
God bless you & yours in the New Year!

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