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January 11, 2010


Hey you! I've emailed you but I'm afraid you're not getting my messages. Can you call me or email me?

Thanks tons!


please oh please post the location and name of the house. i would so love to go there!

Thanks for the sneak peak. Looks lovely - all of it.

I love colors of Spring and Summer, can't wait to see these.

I love it all... the house, the clothes the maker, the helpers.
I am just a suck... lol

drool! Can't wait to see it ALLL!!! gorgeousness!!! Is that a word?? lol

I wish that was my kitchen lol!! All I can say is thank God my crack is not showing in that shot!!!

Do I see a little boy in those pics? PLEASE say you're bringing back the boys line.

Loving it! :)

Look at those pretty girls in their pretty clothes! You can't tell that it is freezing!!

And what an amazing kitchen indeed!!

Cute and great teaser pix. :o) Dying to see more...and color, nat.
Hope you all had a great and productive time in spite of the frigid temps.

YES! A sneak peek - thank you :)!

Look at all those goodies!!! Can't wait to see them on my girl!

Oh... the suspense!!!!

If that is Michelle's house, tell her to look out, I am *SO* Moving in!!!!

Oh yeah, and the clothes look cute, too ;)

on the edge of my seat! Can't wait to see more..!

oooooooo! aaaaaaaaaaaah! :)

do you see those ruffles? last picture, bottom left hand corner, do you see them? Yes those! My little on is definately going to be needing those : )

Oh its totally Mighty Acorns. I just looked again and the kid is wearing black pants and converse... Yaaa. I hope I'm right!!!

Do I spy some boy things? If its a girl I don't mean she looks like a boy. But the kid on the end has short hair and the shirt looks like it has a collar. Oh I would love to have some more Mighty Acorns. Even if it is just an item or two...

Can't wait!

Cannot wait to see whats coming......I gotta get my spring trunk show booked asap!.....im soo excited!

Thanks for the update & the sneak peeks! I'm getting SO excited! Everything looks gorgeous & I'm dying to find out the big news!!! And what a precious group of kiddoes!

Wow nice kitchen!!!! Those girls are adorable, love the glasses :)

awwwww mannnn i need some color!!! but thanks for the peek. maybe i can rest a little from stalking this blog!!! LOL

Yay!! The collection looks adorable and so comfy, can't wait to see colors!

Getting very excited...can't wait to see everything in color:)

woo hoo- loving it!

can't wait to see more pics! That kitchen is GORGEOUS!!!

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