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January 05, 2010


Brew on!!! So very excited!!!!!

let it brew, we are ready! :)

ha I was just thinking about those charity knots the other day too!

can't wait for everything denise!

Can't wait!!!!!!!!

i'm loving the pink, yellow and red fabric as well! can't wait to see the spring line!!!

My son's name is Brewer - love the post title :) We call him Brew all of the time, and good things always come from him! :)

Oh, Lord, don't make it too soon though. Need. To. Save. More. Money!!!

Loving the color fabrics:)

"ha, charity knots...they are hanging in the cutting room looking as cute as ever. I need to get around to that. Hmm..maybe I can put Sam on that one?

Posted by: denise | January 05, 2010 at 11:01 PM"

Oh no, not yet. Let her answer The question that is driving some of us a bit nuts. Who is the girl on the taco bell cup?

It's so nice to see the colors if warm weather!. I can almost feel the warmth! Especially now that the cold has set in in Michigan!


New fabrics and McDonald's pop...does life get any better than that??

Can't wait! <3 =)

ha, charity knots...they are hanging in the cutting room looking as cute as ever. I need to get around to that. Hmm..maybe I can put Sam on that one?

The fabrics look gorgeous! Can't wait for spring! I know you will out-do yourself again!

Ahhh love looking at new spring fabrics and clothing when it's frigid outside. Can't wait to see the fabulous photos of the spring goodies.

Is the blue fabric an oriental print? cherry blossoms???
We are all excited about spring.......both Matilda Jane and the weather that comes with spring too. It is too too cold in NC.
I will wish for snow for your boys though.
Gran in NC

Don't let the brew bubble over, lol!

pretty, pretty fabrics!

These 'hints' leave me jones-ing for MORE! LOL

ooo-can't wait for a peek!

Careful - dont spill any dt.coke on those fabrics- they are too gorgeous to be ruined- even if they are scraps!

Hey- question for you- what ever happened to the charity knots everyone was going to do and auction off????

So excited for the "new" line..I have already booked my show for the week of launch!!~ woot hoot

I have a picture I need to send you. It is so adorable and even though I am not a great photographer I think it turned out really awesome! I hope you like it too. I'll send it tonight hopefully if I don't get too busy!

I LOVE that blue fabric!!!! I can't wait to see the great things brewing!

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