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January 13, 2010


Oh yeah, I forgot to ask.....
Is there going to be an end of year clearance sale this year???...... :)

Ahhh, spring! I can't wait. Sadly, I have been lazy and have not thoroughly scanned the platinum label in a long time. I found new (to me) things today!! Where can I find the top pictured with the woven green fern pants?!?

I don't know how you do it. How is everything more gorgeous than the previous line? It's amazing. YOU're amazing!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Pure love!
Love the new website, too...and the song...it is one of my favorites!
Looking forward to spring!

OOOOOOO MMMMMMM GGGGGGGGG i love every piece of clothing on those pics!!!!! My husband is going to absolutely KILLLLLLL MEEEEEEE.....but chloe will be CUTE LOL


Gasp! I'm in love all over again!! How DO you do each season better and BETTER and BETTER?!?!?! Yippee~~

LOVE LOVE LOVE I can't wait !!!

Oh my gosh...When I clicked on the link, it was the time I ever gasped at a piece of clothing! And here I thought that I was going to sit out this round of clothes, they have so many. Starting right now cleaning out the closet of a lot except for MJ so I'll have room for more.

Oh my hubby is going to kill me.

gorgeous little sneak peek:) what's the largest size of that mighty acorns shirt?!?

Love it!!! The kids are adorable!

I already know that my 3 year old little MJ girl is going to go wild for that ruffley skirt.

BTW, Are the ties part of the collection??

Loving it!!!! Can't wait to shop:)

Everything is absolutely YUMMY!

Very cute! I can't wait and I love the new Mighty Acorns tee!

I am sooooo loving the green and all those precious little dots and stripes and oh my goodness the MA stuff for my mighty mouse. I'm doing my happy dance......would love to see some green mommy stuff. Please Please Please......Awesome job Denise and Gang!

I LOVE Watercolors/Seaside/Destin!! So excited you chose this location for your photoshoot!!! Perfection

DO my eyes deceive me, a NEW Mighty Acorns shirt!!!!! Aiden will flip!!! :)
I better go water my money tree! I'll have a 3rd baby to dress this spring.

So excited about the MA stuff! Love it all and am excited to see the rest! You rocked it again Denise!

Almost. Having. Heart. Attack. OMG, LOVE IT!

I LOVE Watercolor..and the new sneak peeks too! :)

oh my gosh!
Look at the skirt, look at the dress, look at the ruffles, the leggings. I am in BIG trouble!
O.k. Do you think I can have a big garage sale in January?
My husband is going to freak!
Why is he in charge of the bills?
Oh, I know why :)

aw so cute. Thank you for MA stuff!!! and the green is so mmuch fun- can't wait to see more! mommy sneak peeks soon?

little underwear shot there- oops-
Those kids are soooooo cute!

Love the flower leggings and the green dot dress!


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