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January 09, 2010


I bet the bluebird tank would look cute preggo! Not preggo yet....just thinking ahead. :)

I'm so intrigued!

p.s. I could wear my bluebird dress when I was pregnant.

Yes, on the doll clothes!!! My little MJC darling would love to dress her new American Girl doll in MJC - oh, how cute!

you big tease! At least we all know its *always* worth the wait!!!

Is it time for a contest yet again???? Something I can easily win- that would help you clear out older things to make room for the new things - just an idea lol

Not a word from me about it all..... I promise!

thanks for the update denise! i'm sure it will be worth the wait!

ok, I gotta butt in and say - most of the mommy mjc IS great for maternity, too, as is - the finn pants, michelle and finn skirts (all under the belly of course,) as well as many of the tops, up a size or 2, were PERFECT during my pregnancy! :)

love the mommy & me idea! i'm cheating on you guys for this stuff!!! just make mommy & me and we'll all be happy!..only if you can do family first... family first.

I wish you would do a maternity line...that would be so stinkin cute!

That durn cold weather in Fl! Hope it warms up for you all soon!! Can't wait to see the magic :)

Ditto on the doll clothes!!! =) my daughter would LOVE it!

Mybe you should make a mommy knot too so the mommies, girls and dolls can all match! ;) LOL

Doll clothes OH YEAH we would love those to put on our american girl dolls!!!!! Great idea!!!! Poor Denise we keep on adding to your list of things you will do when there the clock stops tickin and you get more family time lol we just love you and your designs we can not get enough lol I hope you feel the love and not the pressure!!!!! waitng for the GOODLINGS *:}

Can't wait!!! :-)

pj's um yah...I buy up knit ruffles and use those as pajamas so we can even wear MJC to bed...yah, its that bad.
ALSO- DOLL CLOTHES- not sure if you know how crazy good they would sell...little knot dresses and ruffle pants to match the girls line, OMG!!! I am quite positive most MJC girls also have 18" or 15" dolls that NEED matching clothes- PLEASE consider....looking fw to seeing your new post

waiting to see exactly how i am gonna spend every little bit of money i have been able to save so i can get what i want with out my hubby having a COW....lol so i ll keep waiting watching and saving!!!!!

OH yeah i was thinking and wandeing ....have you ever thought of doing any pj's I would love to have some for a photo shoot!!!! let me know

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