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January 03, 2010


So....I'm guessing Joe is on that snowboard today? The white stuff is still coming down here in Southern Indiana!

I had the Macsnack mmmmm M! It really tasted like a big mac. Think of the carbs we can save without the bread!

Awwww...we were asked by our trunk keeper to send pics of my girls. We tried and they kept bouncing back. Not sure if they ever made it. Good luck with the photo shoot. Should be nice and chill

i am liking that tank dress.. I hope it come in moms sizes to.. :)
I love Mackie d's sweet tea. I can drink a gallon a day. WOW!

Did you know you can order Mac Sauce on any sandwich! Sometimes I get a happy meal with a cheeseburger with mac sauce!

What a cute pic of Joe! Between your talk of Little Debbies and sodas, I am craving lots of bad things here!!

Loving the purple stripes :)

SO cute!!

McDonalds does have the best soda!! ;) LOL

The purple striped tank dress is SOOO cute! Big girl sizes!

Joe looks mighty cool on that board!! Way to go!!!

Oh, and that dress at the bottom with the purple stripes on the bodice... I hope you made that in big girl sizes, lol! Drooooool!!!

Oh Denise! You are a woman after my own heart! yesterday my husband sent me out to get a coke for him (and of course a diet for myself) at McDonald's. We personally believe they have the BEST pop around. I didn't tell him that I also had a MacWrap while driving home. They're pretty darn good!

And the oreos...I found a very yummy recipe for oreos that I made for our guests last night. All it takes is one entire package of crushed oreos (okay minus one or two that i just happened to eat) and a bar of softened cream cheese. Mix this up, and form it into balls. Freeze these. When they are frozen, dip them into melted white almond bark. YUM-O! I got brave last night and also tried the golden oreos dipped in chocolate. I honestly think those were even better!

Can't wait for some snow here in Indiana, and definitely can't wait to see the spring line!

We enjoyed some of the "white stuff" this past week up in West Virginia.We are Californians so the temps up there were crazy!

I am SO excited for new line as I am sure all of us are. :)

Happy New Year!

Look at him go!
The smile :)

Only one row of Oreo's? I eat the whole darn package and about a half gallon of milk! LOL!
Looking forward to some sweet pics of spring!

Gabe looks so much like Joe in that picture, I think it's the mouth. Cute stuff!!
Take care.

I broke my tailbone the one and only time I tried to snowboard! OUCH! AND I found out I was pregnant 3 days later with my first born! Yikes!
Joe never ceases to amaze us all! He is an inspiring child to say the least!
GREAT photos!
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!

Every cool little boy needs a snowboard! Any you sure got one cool dude! Just wait...now that he has it, he'll be on your case every chance he gets to go to the snow. Hey, that sounds like a great family get-a-way! We love to go play in the snow! Happy 2010 Denise and family....may it be a fabulous year for you all! Much love!

Does my little eye spy Deliah fabric pants?!!! I'd say you just spiced up the lemon ladies lazy Sunday! ;-)

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