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January 07, 2010


still waiting over here too! over a day now! lol!

Still waiting and wondering:)


Dude, you are such a tease!!! Can't wait to see what miss Kayla is working on! :)

It looks like she has a steamer there and has just steamed some pretty clothes and might be arranging them for a photo shoot?

Not a clue, but I can't wait to find out!

ok, in just over 3 hours, it will be one more day!! are we there yet?!?!?!? :)

please see the email I sent to Kayla:)
have fun "painting" - stay warm

Is she putting the photos together for the looks from your photo shoot? Hmmm
Just throwing it out there :)
Can not wait to see!

Ironing? Can't wait...oh the agony...lol

Is this your kitchen Denise?!?! Beautiful!!! I have to say ironing, as there are items draped over the railing behind her!! :-)

Looks like she's ironing? for the photo shoot...


Comes to my mind. Hurry up Ms Denise, we are impatiently waiting. :-)

Tracy D

I cannot wait to see the Spring line. I am so excited to be having my very first trunk show in February!!! I love MJC!!!

I just wanna know why she is so dang pretty!!! Hope you girls are having fun in Florida and that its warmer there than it is here in N. ALabama- we got SNOW today!
be safe ladies

oh...is that the inside of MJC's new digs??? Gorgeous- looks like some place I would love to find myself at home in!

now- hurry Kayla and finish whatever it is your doing- I wanna see!!!!!

oh and- Molly finally got the GB molly skirt and wore it today with a deep purple tank from Peek..arent you curious - and the outfit was TDF- omg- totally a new fav outfit that will get worn lots and lots!!!

I see clothes hanging there to and aren't you all in Florida?? I saw a pic of her on FB earlier... LOVE that kitchen toooooo.
Umm... tried to save and blow it up but someone was made that impossible.. Thanx! lol

I'm wondering, too!!!!

And I'm also wondering whose cool kitchen that is? Really awesome room!

Oh! The anticipation of it all!
Can't wait!!

=P ??? I bet it's something great...... =)

She's ironing! I see the goodies hanging behind her. Fun!

well i have no idea what kayla is working on unless perhaps it is a new mommy dress with some spanx attached in all the right places-for me that would be a butt lift and boob lift oh and of course something to smooth out my muffin top. oooh la la! whatever it is i am sure it is just delicious! can't wait to see.

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